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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Life as a College Student

Life as a College Student 

I will have to admit to myself, life on your own as a college student is pretty great. 

I have come a long way from living in my parents house where my dad would wake me up for some brutal house work chores. I remember being woken up around 7 A.M. after a long night out with my friends, “Wake the *&$% Bob!” 

Ah, I thought to myself, what is it this time. Well the jacuzzi was broken and I had to re-wire the pool filter and hot box. Of course this early too, being that the jacuzzi needed to be on this early in the morning. 

However, looking back at it these are the things that I am thankful for in my college experience. Now when the dryer is broken or the garbage disposable is broken in my apartment, I know what to do. My roommates look at me like I am already a grown mad. But in reality I am just living in an apartment and have the right tools. 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Back of a Cop Car: Tagging the Backseat

If you ever find yourself in the back of a cop car for drawing in the streets at midnight for bombing one spot too long, you are going to have a different perspective while you're in the backseat handcuffed. 

I started thinking are there pictures of Banksy in a squad car, then that thought channeled to how am I going to slip out of these handcuffs to tag the back seat of a cop car. Most importantly I thought, what other criminals and criminals would see this. 

The next thought that crossed my mind was the food chain of graffiti and street art. How do certain artist that start in the street end up in museums? 

Banksy puts it perfectly, “My sister threw away loads of my drawings when I was a kid and when I asked her where they were she shrugged and said “Well it’s not like they’re ever gonna be gaining in the Lourve is it? So I bought a ticket and some glue, the next day my painting was in the Laurve”. 

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Running From the Police, Hoping the Mop Doesn’t Fall Out of My Pocket

Going back to the Coachella scene, all the art instillations, graffiti writers, and street artist there all are inspired by, and many give praise and draw influence from the graffiti and street art movement. Now this blog isn't here to argue if graffiti is bad or not, cause if you do think its a problem, I beg you to leave because you're opinion does not count.  
jrib jrob
This is simply in place to inspire.

Now another opinion of mine, is that you cannot have a valid opinion on art if you have never been investigated by the cops or had a nice run across the city with the police. This includes anything from forbes money laundering, or in another sense the rat bombing the deli under his shitty apartment; with black paint underneath his finger nails he's left wondering if anybody will actually look at this by the time it gets covered up by the police in neon vest with gallons upon gallons of grey paint. 

Everyone has their first experience, here’s mine.
And here is how you learn how to run from the police on foot up in a tree, or underneath someones car. 

So I am with my friend in the mountains somewhere in Chatsworth. I have my back pack, he has his. The only difference is that mine is filled with spray cans and his is filled with mops, sharpies, and sakuras. 

I was writing DGO at the time and we got up in a few good places and tagged a couple places we knew nobody would see. Ultimately, one thing lead to another and we found our selves sitting there thinking, “how are we going to run from helicopters”. 

We jump over the railroad and the train tracks a couple barbed wire fences with minor cuts on our legs and our selves luckily still where in tact. We come to this great wall, now looking back at thats what we should have been bombing, but we don't have time for that right now so we hop it back into his gated community and ditch our bags in this red pick up. 

Now that they police saw us go into this gated community the helicopter lets the squad cars down low know that we are basically stuck in this community.

 Luckily, we are in the hills of Los Angeles, with not only his house in the community to go to but two friends houses we can show up at about a mile closer. So after ditching the sirens, and crawling throw bushes we make it into this girls house that can be mistaken for a hotel. 

Within her property we disappear and get ready for that party that happened to be there that night. 

Smoke Break

“We need an actual smoke break” - Chance the Rapper

be back soon

Coachella’s Trifecta: The Astronaut, The Caterpillar, and The Ferris Wheel, Running on Watermelon, Ecstasy, and Good Vibes.

Coachella is not just a valley filled with palm tress, DJ sets, large crowds, and wild costumes with a trippy taste, 2 of the 52 weeks in a year. It also draws in a creative, outlandish, and independent artist crowd during those same two weeks. Yeah, the valley itself kinda sucks if the festival itself is not going on, but who gives a shit?, you are there during the festival. 

Coachella offers an area and a platform for multiple genres of artist. Streaming from music, painters, art installations, or artful conversation amongst the crowd, there is a philosophical crowd behind this music festival that give it a unique culture that can only be described by using its own name, Coachella. The festival is honestly on its own wavelength. 

Now if you happened to miss Coachella, you will probably find yourself scrolling through Instagram finding yourself staring at pictures of your high school crush or the girl you met last year in the Sahara Tent. 

And what do all those post have in common?

 The girl in the picture is barley wearing clothes, no complaints here, she is holding a watermelon, and she is standing in front of A) The Astronaut, B) The Caterpillar, both created and installed by Poetic Kinects, or, C) she is in front of the iconic ferris wheel at night all lit up with the ballon chain made by Robert Bose, floating on another world behind that. 

Personally, I believe this is the best part of the festival. When else are you able to see street art in action, unless you are out in the city at 4 AM. But it still goes beyond that. 

The caterpillar on Day one of the festival was just that, a caterpillar. As the day went on the crowd started to realize the creature was moving around the entire festival, going from tent to tent. On the second day around mid-day, everyone started watching the caterpillar evolve into a butterfly. Where else can you go enjoy music and watch interactive art instillations as big as the stage travel around the valley for a two day period? yeah, no where 

Coachella, being a two day festival, leaves the audience with an insane amount of freedom with their Instagram captions, the captions will differ all they way from “Day 1” to…. you guessed it “Day 2 *flower emoji*”

Coachella Line Up Rumors: Daytime Dirt Rap, Evening EDM, followed by Nighttime Knockouts

Flashing lights, basic bitches, pounding headaches, severe dehydration, and your’e on your 8th life just thinking how you are going to survive to the next day. You must be in the desert, and, technically you are right. 

However, you are here for a different reason, it’s April and you are surrounded by palm tress and dilated pupils, its finally time for Coachella again. Easter didn’t even cross your mind and you almost forgot about 420, but it’s okay you spent every penny you have on the ridiculously priced tickets but you count not be happier.

 If you are not from the west coast you probably don't get it, not being territorial, but its more of a tradition then a concert. If you take someone from lets say, Lincoln, Nebraska, they probably wouldn't be particularly dazzled by all the flower bras, foreign sounds, or anonymous drug dealing between a ladybug and an astronaut in the crowd. 

Now if you are from California, that might be a different story. You probably stayed up the last couple nights helping your Coachella crush make her flower bra, or stayed up mixing your own beats in excitement for the next upcoming days, or who knows?, you might be the astronaut in the previous scenario. 

You could show up early and realize how much dust you are actually breathing in the whole time to see people like: Joey Badass, A$AP Rocky, or G Eazy, but you will soon realize its worth it the first day, but you won’t wake up early enough the second day. But you're there live it up, thats probably the only sleep you'll get anyways.

 In the evening, depending on what age you are, or not, again it is Coachella, is where most people find themselves “getting ready for the night”. After the closers come out, like: Calvin Harris, RL Grime, or Jack U, the roll is still heavy, your lucky just got smoked and your’e about to open another pack, and you're lost in a crowd of people wondering to yourself, “Where am I going to end up tonight?” as you and your friends walk to one of the closest hotels. 

Although the dirt, sweaty bodies rubbing against you, the large numbers, and endless wonder about the weekend might never leave your mind and leave you overwhelmed, you know it was one of the best damn weekends of your life.