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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Back of a Cop Car: Tagging the Backseat

If you ever find yourself in the back of a cop car for drawing in the streets at midnight for bombing one spot too long, you are going to have a different perspective while you're in the backseat handcuffed. 

I started thinking are there pictures of Banksy in a squad car, then that thought channeled to how am I going to slip out of these handcuffs to tag the back seat of a cop car. Most importantly I thought, what other criminals and criminals would see this. 

The next thought that crossed my mind was the food chain of graffiti and street art. How do certain artist that start in the street end up in museums? 

Banksy puts it perfectly, “My sister threw away loads of my drawings when I was a kid and when I asked her where they were she shrugged and said “Well it’s not like they’re ever gonna be gaining in the Lourve is it? So I bought a ticket and some glue, the next day my painting was in the Laurve”. 

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