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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Coachella’s Trifecta: The Astronaut, The Caterpillar, and The Ferris Wheel, Running on Watermelon, Ecstasy, and Good Vibes.

Coachella is not just a valley filled with palm tress, DJ sets, large crowds, and wild costumes with a trippy taste, 2 of the 52 weeks in a year. It also draws in a creative, outlandish, and independent artist crowd during those same two weeks. Yeah, the valley itself kinda sucks if the festival itself is not going on, but who gives a shit?, you are there during the festival. 

Coachella offers an area and a platform for multiple genres of artist. Streaming from music, painters, art installations, or artful conversation amongst the crowd, there is a philosophical crowd behind this music festival that give it a unique culture that can only be described by using its own name, Coachella. The festival is honestly on its own wavelength. 

Now if you happened to miss Coachella, you will probably find yourself scrolling through Instagram finding yourself staring at pictures of your high school crush or the girl you met last year in the Sahara Tent. 

And what do all those post have in common?

 The girl in the picture is barley wearing clothes, no complaints here, she is holding a watermelon, and she is standing in front of A) The Astronaut, B) The Caterpillar, both created and installed by Poetic Kinects, or, C) she is in front of the iconic ferris wheel at night all lit up with the ballon chain made by Robert Bose, floating on another world behind that. 

Personally, I believe this is the best part of the festival. When else are you able to see street art in action, unless you are out in the city at 4 AM. But it still goes beyond that. 

The caterpillar on Day one of the festival was just that, a caterpillar. As the day went on the crowd started to realize the creature was moving around the entire festival, going from tent to tent. On the second day around mid-day, everyone started watching the caterpillar evolve into a butterfly. Where else can you go enjoy music and watch interactive art instillations as big as the stage travel around the valley for a two day period? yeah, no where 

Coachella, being a two day festival, leaves the audience with an insane amount of freedom with their Instagram captions, the captions will differ all they way from “Day 1” to…. you guessed it “Day 2 *flower emoji*”

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